Back and More Pissed Off Then Ever

Yes, I am back.  Hold your applause till after my entire post please.

So recently I have read some postings by a new blogger who calls himself “Mainstream Jew“.  This is he has proved in one very quick night to be completely false since he specifically said, there is no creator who is receiving your prayers”.  No matter if someone is Orthodox, Haredi, Reform, Conservative or any other sect the majority of Jews believe there is a G-d in heaven.  How to observe his laws is in question, but the actual existence of G-d? Mainstream Jews believe in Him. If you don’t believe in Him? Then don’t call yourself Jewish, because while you are to me (assuming you have a Jewish mother), technically to the world you are an atheist.

Second I he is just like DK, SJ, OTD and everyone else like them who hates religious correct Judaism.  We must be tolerant of their views, but ours? If they make Jews look crazy we must stop.  This is exactly what happened in Germany at the beginning of the Reform movement.  “Shut down Orthodoxy! (a term they came up with and as my friend Factual Basis points out should be a racist slur) Close their mikvahs! Close the kosher slaughterhouses! We Jews are just like the rest of you! Don’t pay attention to the freaks!”  It’s really crazy the double standards that we are subject to.  I’m honestly considering changing the name of the blog to double standards because most of posts point them out between them and us.

What evidence is there that he/she/it would want you to pray to him for three hours on a Saturday (and how do we know its actually Saturday and not Tuesday).

How long has it been since you have been to Shul MSJ?  My shabbat davening is 2 hours MAX and that’s on a bad weekend.  Next, personally I try and go to shul every single day of the week.  It’s not just saturday, the reason most people go then is because they don’t have work because of the shabbat.  The shabbaton is the 7th day of the week, hence Saturday.  Why not Sunday? Because its not.  The Jews for thousands of years had shabbaton on a Saturday because that’s the day G-d told us was the 7th day.  If its any other day how would they get the millions of Jews all to change the day? How? Wouldn’t there be sects that had it on the old day, that were left over from the old guard?

Which trasitions very nicely into my next point.

What evidence is there that the Torah is his rule and guidebook?

Because he told us.  Yes he told at least 1 million Jews that this is his rule.  This wasnt the 1990’s where someone could have pulled off the special effects or dupted everyone into “hearing” G-d’s voice.  And how to I know it happened? Because my father who was told by his father by his father by his father and so on and so on back to my relative who was at Mount Sinai.  There is someone I know who can literally trace their passing down of the Torah all the way back to Moses (not that he is related, but that he has an accurate line straight from the source of teaching the torah).  I’m waiting for the famous “but there is no archeological evidence” actually there is someone that perfectly correlates with some stuff on the book of prophets.  What about the Torah itself you ask?  Well if you know anything about archeology, you know the famous line “a lack of evidence is not an evidence of lack”.  Just because we haven’t found it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.  All the stuff that has been found does not contradict (in fact most of it supports) stories in the torah.

Whats amazing is yet another double standard.  Everyone agrees there was a Hammurabi code of law.  This is based on very limited finds on the code itself.  However there is no debate as to its existence and place in history.  But the torah? Well it requires us to do something so we must apply a different standard!

The torah was given to our ancestors by G-d himself.  They were there.  The same way we know there was a Civil War, or a Roman Empire, or anything else we didn’t personally live through.  We have history both from first hand accounts and from finds.  While the exodus from egypt has yeilded limited finds its not surprising if you actually think about it.  No one knows their exact route, plus there haven’t been extensive tries to find results, and it’s the desert so digs are very hard especially when one doesnt know even a general 5 mile area to look.

As for your comment about woman equality? You have no idea how I feel on the matter, but of course all orthodox Jews are the same right? I will address my views on woman in Judaism in a post in the near future.

Yes, I’m back and better than ever.  I will keep fighting off these attacks on our people, you do your part and keep reading


No One is Forcing You

Am I the only person who has read the constitution?  I honestly feel like it some days, like today.  A Death in the Ballroom put out a call to all Atheists to take action against the US currency.  The problem that they have is with the words “In G-d We Trust” on the back of the money.  Didn’t notice it? Well, that’s understandable since no one is forced to read the money when they use it, or believe what it says.

The problem with the rallying of Atheists against the words on the back of the money is the misreading of the constitution.  There is nothing in the constitution that forbids the use of G-d in our government.  There is nothing that forbids people’s ability to have religious views.

However, the first amendment that requires freedom of religion for all people, is specifically about an established government religion.  In other words: the government can’t require you to be Jewish, Christian, or believe in any G-d.

This is the same problem I have with forbidding public school prayer.  No one is forcing anyone to pray.  It’s up to the individual whether they want to pray or not.  By forbidding it in school that is a violation of the first amendment because it is preventing someone free exercise of their personal religion.

By having the word “G-d” on the back of money it doesn’t require anyone to believe in the words.  By the same token I should rally against FDR being on the quarter since I think he was a terrible president.  By having FDR on the quarter they government is forcing me to believe that he was a good president (which he clearly wasn’t).

How is this any different Atheists?  Really…explain this to me!

RE: Dark Light Wants to Know What You Would Do

The post by the Kvetcher on this topic is truely amazing.  DK constantly is berating Aish (or as he calls them “The Dark Light” like something out of World of Warcraft) for answering stupid questions or for answering questions they dont have any business answering because its our of the Rabbis jurisdiction.  But now they post a question, which really is a very interesting one, and don’t answer it and instead leave it up to what “we” think, and still they are wrong!

Its truly amazing…damned if they do and damned if they don’t.  And of course he has to be totally sarcastic about the religious response

I think for refusing to wear tefillin, the son should be publicly whipped, his apartment “donated” to a yeshiva, his secular whore of a girlfriend dragged by a mehadrin Egged-bus around town, and just for good measure, a Modern Orthodox girl should get bleached.

What’s worse is his response to a comment about an appropriate response,

HAHAHAHA Frum Jews are going to refuse PAYMENT as protest….oh, man, that’s the funniest one I heard yet! You should be writing for The Kvetcher!

If this joke was about a black person turning down a piece of fried chicken or any other stereotype he would attack them mercilessly.  But instead its ok to go with stereotypes of frum Jews, or Jews in general that we love money.  So is that what we learn from you DK? Its ok to be racist against people who are different, but only if they are religious Jews.  They are vermin, right DK?

If its worth anything, I would pray and let him pay me because every jew is entitled to every mitzvah they can get, and its not his parent’s fault that he is refusing to put on tephilin.  He is at least doing the right thing and making sure a minyan says kaddish, the two are mutually exclusive.