No One is Forcing You

Am I the only person who has read the constitution?  I honestly feel like it some days, like today.  A Death in the Ballroom put out a call to all Atheists to take action against the US currency.  The problem that they have is with the words “In G-d We Trust” on the back of the money.  Didn’t notice it? Well, that’s understandable since no one is forced to read the money when they use it, or believe what it says.

The problem with the rallying of Atheists against the words on the back of the money is the misreading of the constitution.  There is nothing in the constitution that forbids the use of G-d in our government.  There is nothing that forbids people’s ability to have religious views.

However, the first amendment that requires freedom of religion for all people, is specifically about an established government religion.  In other words: the government can’t require you to be Jewish, Christian, or believe in any G-d.

This is the same problem I have with forbidding public school prayer.  No one is forcing anyone to pray.  It’s up to the individual whether they want to pray or not.  By forbidding it in school that is a violation of the first amendment because it is preventing someone free exercise of their personal religion.

By having the word “G-d” on the back of money it doesn’t require anyone to believe in the words.  By the same token I should rally against FDR being on the quarter since I think he was a terrible president.  By having FDR on the quarter they government is forcing me to believe that he was a good president (which he clearly wasn’t).

How is this any different Atheists?  Really…explain this to me!