RE: Dark Light Wants to Know What You Would Do

The post by the Kvetcher on this topic is truely amazing.  DK constantly is berating Aish (or as he calls them “The Dark Light” like something out of World of Warcraft) for answering stupid questions or for answering questions they dont have any business answering because its our of the Rabbis jurisdiction.  But now they post a question, which really is a very interesting one, and don’t answer it and instead leave it up to what “we” think, and still they are wrong!

Its truly amazing…damned if they do and damned if they don’t.  And of course he has to be totally sarcastic about the religious response

I think for refusing to wear tefillin, the son should be publicly whipped, his apartment “donated” to a yeshiva, his secular whore of a girlfriend dragged by a mehadrin Egged-bus around town, and just for good measure, a Modern Orthodox girl should get bleached.

What’s worse is his response to a comment about an appropriate response,

HAHAHAHA Frum Jews are going to refuse PAYMENT as protest….oh, man, that’s the funniest one I heard yet! You should be writing for The Kvetcher!

If this joke was about a black person turning down a piece of fried chicken or any other stereotype he would attack them mercilessly.  But instead its ok to go with stereotypes of frum Jews, or Jews in general that we love money.  So is that what we learn from you DK? Its ok to be racist against people who are different, but only if they are religious Jews.  They are vermin, right DK?

If its worth anything, I would pray and let him pay me because every jew is entitled to every mitzvah they can get, and its not his parent’s fault that he is refusing to put on tephilin.  He is at least doing the right thing and making sure a minyan says kaddish, the two are mutually exclusive.