Comment on Commenting

For those of you new to the commenting on “The Cheerer” let me be clear on the policies.

All comments, ESPECIALLY dissenting, ones will be accepted.  Personal attacks are not.  If you attack someone else personally (be it me or a fellow commenter) I reserve the right to remove your comment and put you in moderation

If it is your first time commenting you comment will remain in moderation until I approve it (this helps keep the crazies out).  After you first approved comment you will be free to comment at your leisure until a violation of the rules occurs.  (hear that SJ? I don’t moderate every comment till I can respond, only the first one).

Also, self promotion without adding something to the coversation is not allowed.  So, comments like “Check out my latest post” or “Look at what i said here” will not be allowed unless they are being added to a comment of yours to save space, or if you prefer not to reiterate something you already said.  If you are merely trying to gain readership, try adding to the conversation.


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