America Should be as Civilized as Europe?

I think it’s somewhat ironic that within the first week of publishing this blog I already agree with DK on something. In his most recent post Kvetcher merely posts an article about attacks on Jews in Paris in response to Israel’s attacks on Gaza.  Without saying a single word of commentary DK brings up a very important issue.  

Constantly I hear from people how civilized Europe is, how we should have no death penalty like them, how we should have government healthcare like them, and so on and so on.  Yet, while those may or may not be things worth striving for (they aren’t), protecting a country’s citizens from attack is a far more important issue then whether or not the government pays for you to see a doctor.  

A country like France that doesn’t allow religious people of any kind to wear religious garments to public school (kippa, kafia, cross necklace) shouldn’t be telling countries like America that have real freedom that we are “immoral” or “backward”.

Try getting your own extremest populations under control, and start protecting your citizens before trying to tell the rest of us how to live.  Oh, thats right, they are only Jews…they don’t matter.