I’m Back AGAIN! Looks Like Nothing Has Changed…

I have spent the last 8 months or so not blogging.  For the most part I didn’t feel the urge.  Yeah blogs from DK, SJ, OTD and various other misinformation hubs have annoyed me, but never enough to get me back into writing.

Even now as I write this I still doubt my decision.  However, with my recommitment  to blogging I do so with a few caveats.

I don’t feel pressured to post every day.  If i have something I want to write about, I will.  If I have time to write, I will.

So why do I say that nothing has changed since I left?  Well, DK can help me out there.  In the last week he has posted not one, not two, but three separate articles about the NCSY awards dinner known as The Ben Zakkai Dinner.  Not only is it more obvious then ever that DK just wants to get NCSY, but in the three posts he refuses to make a point.

Sure each time he gives the opportunity to explain at length why he opposes the award, which he has done in the past, but instead he merely makes comments about buying seats and Rabbi Lashak’s receiving the “Baruch Lanner Enabler Award”.

What did Rabbi Lashak do to recieve such treatment? Perhaps you meant to convey a point? Maybe you could have suggested something constructive like Rabbi Lashak refuse the award because of whom it was named after?

No, instead DK would rather make boring and unintelligent comments that really don’t make any point whatsoever.  And he would rather do it over and over again, because he gets sad when people don’t comment and comment and comment on his posts so he must re-post on the same subject with no new material.

Please DK, hold your blog to the same standard you hold the frum world to.  Be intellectual and actually make a point, no matter how wrong you are.


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