It was Bound to Happen…

Well, it was bound to happen.  Sooner or later, despite the fact that DK applauded my disagreement with JSU, Kvetcher has attacked me.  He does this if you like kiruv, or in this case…logic, and the English language?

Let me explain.  If you look at the comment “war” that has been going on my last posting there has been a major disagreement between me, HS and DK.  The main reason I am being attacked on his page is my statement that,

rather then let it be at that (there are far worse traditions for people to attack in Judaism) people like DK attack this tradition (albeit not as the main focus of the posting) as if it also involves killing a human baby.

While there is a great more that we argue about this is what he took exception with.  He begins his post by claimingthat I did not

much success at countering my attacks on Big Kiruv.

Actually, I answered all of your attacks in the comments.  If anything, your post on your page is because you were so fed up with getting smacked around on my page that you figured you would use your own soapbox to try and make it look like you were winning.  Nice try.

My defense of the “killing babies” comment is based on the fact that I was using exaggeration to prove a point.  DK says i was lying.  I let you the public be the judge.  However, let me give you the following points to consider.

The American Heritage Dictionary says that an exaggeration is an intransitive verb which is defined as,

To make overstatements

But I think exaggeration was probably not the right word to use.  Rather I should have used Hyperbole which is defined as

a figure of speech that uses an exaggerated or extravagant statement to create a strong emotional response. As a figure of speech it is not intended to be taken literally.

Wow.  That’s amazing.  Anyone who actually read what DK wrote would know that he didnt actually say it was like killing a baby.  I  even linked to his article so that anyone could read it.  Now he may claim that people may not read it and so they wouldn’t know what he actually said.   Then my question would be: why did you use the exact same argument against someone who wanted you to speak of the different view on JSU?

Brad:  “I applaud your passion for this subject. But, you are clearly masking some aspects of the article for it to fit your agenda.”

DK: “And the article in its entirety is linked.”

Double standards? I think so. But typical DK, the facts won’t stop him.

I think that’s enough for everyone to stew on for a while.  If he continues his assault I will post a list of articles on his site that do EXACTLY what i did (here are two for a preview, one, two)  I used those two because they require no explanation.  All the others I have require an explanation  to understand.

I know I didnt hold up my end by posting the article about respecting other Jews like i said i would.  That will be soon, I had to address this first.


9 Responses to “It was Bound to Happen…”

  1. DK Says:

    Not at all similar, in fact. Many radical animal rights people do compare killing chickens to killing people. I do not.

    Both posts you mentioned were clear that these were fictional accounts, even though no actual organization claims that 1) Haredim are flesh eating Zombies, or 2) the OU put a hechsher on Zyklon B.

    I will take this post as a tacit concession that you acted inappropriately.

  2. cheerer Says:

    Its very funny. When i made the “killing a baby” reference it had nothing to do with the chicken. If you had been ripping on the tradition of lighting candles on Hanukkah I would have also said “killed a baby”. But you decided I was equating you with animal rights activists? Very interesting, but not even remotely my intent.

    I will take this post as a tacit concession that you acted inappropriately.

    That is crazy. You really do only hear the things you want to hear don’t you? Maybe that guy on Wikipedia is right, you pick and choose depending on the circumstances. Ill make you a deal ill concede that point if you concede that Orthodox Judaism is right about everything. Deal?

  3. DK Says:

    When i made the “killing a baby” reference it had nothing to do with the chicken.

    Then you are strangely unaware of the criticism of animal rights groups on this ritual and of kashrut generally. Strange. Read this: Does that help clarify things for you?

  4. cheerer Says:

    I was not unaware. I didn’t even click on your link…i am perfectly aware. However, it was never my intention to equate you with them. It was merely a hyperbole on how much venom you seem to have for certain traditions.
    I didn’t need clarification I knew all along about it, but I honestly didn’t think about it when I wrote what I did. I think in this case you needed the clarification.
    Do you understand now that it had nothing to do with comparing you to them? Something tells me i wont get an apology and update on your post like i did when i got something wrong…

  5. DK Says:

    You have not corrected the situation. You are asking me to accept your motives, even though you concede you knew, you just didn’t think.

  6. cheerer Says:

    Grow up. You automatically look for something to attack. I will not be told that I “didn’t think” from someone who marginalizes the holocaust. Anyone who writes a post that makes light of the gas that was used to kill Jews is someone who does not think.

    I had no intention of connecting your actions to those of the animal rights movement. You don’t believe me? I don’t care. I have put my side of this out there, if you refuse to accept it…wouldn’t be the first time an irreligious person refused to acknowledge the truth.

  7. DK Says:

    I will not be told that I “didn’t think” from someone who marginalizes the holocaust.

    I will not have one of my best satires marginalized by someone who connects issues that are not interrelated.

  8. cheerer Says:

    I will not have one of my best satires marginalized by someone who connects issues that are not interrelated.

    Yeah the holocaust is always funny. There are just some things you don’t joke about. The holocaust is one of them. The issues are perfectly related. You claim I didn’t think? Well, either you didn’t think before you made fun of a gas that killed hundreds of thousands of Jews, or you just didn’t care. Not only have you never apologized but you called it one of your “best satires”. All of this is connected. You attack my character? What does this say about yours?

  9. So These Are the Arguments of the “Intellectuals” « The Cheerer Says:

    […] of course DK’s response to my argument based on his making a satirical posting about the OU giving a haskgacha to Zyklon B […]

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