Feel Free to Disagree (but only if you agree)

A problem that is symptomatic of the anti-religious/frum blogs is the double standard that they impose.  A perfect example of this is a recent post of Off The Derech.  He has recently suspended all comments to his blog.  He says,

Just because you can’t handle an opinion that contradicts what your momma told you when you were four years old (and now you’re forty, mind you), it’s not my problem.

Isn’t the very notion of eliminating comments showing that it is you who “cannot handle an opinion”?  Even Kvetcher allows all types of comments as long as they are constructive (and when they aren’t, such as from the infamous “Fran”, he will moderate them).  But to eliminate comments altogether?  Isn’t that like the afformentioned 4 year old sticking his fingers in his eyes saying “La!La!La!” so he doesn’t hear things that might make him unhappy?

Is it possible the arguments against your postings were getting a little too convincing OTD?


7 Responses to “Feel Free to Disagree (but only if you agree)”

  1. DK Says:

    “Fran/Shlomo” was finally banned outright because of repeated censorship attempts on Wikipedia, as well as outright sabotage on my talk page there. I have no patience for those who seek to use liberalism against itself.

  2. cheerer Says:


    You have to realize that not everyone is out to get you. The reference to you in this post was saying that he/she deserved it. I wasn’t claiming that you moderated him/her for a bad reason, rather it was an example of how you are good about people disagreeing with you, expect when they do what he/she did which was uncalled for.

    Calm down.

  3. offthederech Says:

    Wow, I’m flattered;)!
    In my defense, I was finding that many comments were disrespectful. There are quite a few frum people who enjoy going on skeptic blogs and personaly attacking the authors, much more so than on any frum blogs, as any visit to Abandoning Eden or similar blogs will attest. Of course, many do not, but what can I say, “only respectful comments allowed?” Most of these trolls couldn’t care less. They’re too busy yelling at skeptics to quiet the doubt in their own heads.

    I allowed comments for months, but it was taking a serious emotional toll on me, so I decided to stop them for the time being. I’m afraid I wasn’t the one acting like the four year-old.

  4. cheerer Says:

    I hear it, even if I clearly disagree. Hope to hear from you here more often for some respectful discussion between us. Personally i would just deal with moderating out the jerks so that I can keep the lively discussion with the respectful people going.

  5. offthederech Says:

    Fair enough. I’ll be around.

  6. offthederech Says:

    Just to balance out what I said before, being an OTD blogger means you get roughly five times the hits you would have got otherwise.
    Care to join us?;)

  7. cheerer Says:

    Probably true.

    Unfortunately, I’m good with what I know to be true, and keeping on the derech. Plus I have gotten over 1000 hits in my first week…I think that’s good to start with

    Thanks for the offer though!

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