The Cheerer?!?!?! And Other FAQ

The Name???

I know, I know.  The name is a little bit cheesy.  Ok, its a lot of bit cheesy but I couldn’t find a better alternative.

So Who Are You?

I prefer to remain anonymous mostly because the people I know might not approve of the things that I post, and it could cost me my job and a lot more.

So Why Bother Posting At All?

I was mad as hell and I couldn’t take it anymore! I have been reading blogs for about as long as they have existed.  However, there are a few particular blogs that are out to get Observant Judaism (the only correct Judaism btw), and it has to stop.  We, as Jews, have an obligation to prevent our bothers and sisters from going “off the path” and so I couldn’t sit idly by and let these select few individuals try and destroy what G-d gave us.

Who Are You Talking About?

It’s a collection of bloggers, but as my name suggests there is one in specific, namely The Kvetcher, written by David Kelsey.  Not only does he pick out the worst part of Torah Observant culture and act as if it is the norm, but even the good parts of observant Judaism like Aish, NCSY and Ohr Somayach he thinks are evil because they (gasp) try and get people to follow G-d’s word.

The attacks on Torah Observant Judaism MUST stop and there must be someone to stand up and say it.

So What Should We Expect To Read?

Most of the postings will be direct arguments against and/or contradictions of false statements/accusations/assumptions made by The Kvetcher and other blogs like him (but mostly DK).  Sometimes (although it is rare) I will even agree with one or all of them, and other times I will post on issues I feel are merely important to put out there even if they themselves hadn’t spoken about them.

So please come back often and tell your friends, because together we can make a difference!


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